Social Engagement Enablers

We help businesses and NPO's to easily team up, create and execute simply digital fundraising giving access to direct counterparts to donors


NPO need financial support for their social actions.


Consumers want to act responsively and generously.


Brands ofers a special promotion on a product or service in return of a donation

Schéma GoodMoov

Brands and Non profits have one thing in common: 100% of the donors are consumers

of consumers
are buying on sales
or looking for discounts

of Non Profits CEOs
have financial situation
as their #1 concern

of a company brand image is driven by its Social and Environnemental engagement

Associations avec GoodMoov

Fondation Imagine

with Teddy Riner

GoodMood a trustworthy third party partner

We are revolutionizing fundraising by giving NPO's the opportunity to partner with Brands to grant donors a counterpart in return of a donation

  • A separate bank account
    to collect donations

    Our smart contracts allow donors to engage with NPO’s in a transparent donation process where they can be assured that donations can not be altered

  • Transparency is a fundamental principle
    entrenched into how GoodMoov operates.

    Utilizing blockchain technology ensures that there is a concrete and auditable trail of transactions, so members can be assured that the data they are looking at is correct.

  • Communication with full
    transparency about commissions

    Thanks to Blockchain technology allow us to have limited transaction fees.

  • An independent
    supervisory board

    The external and independant supervisory board are experts from NPO’s and Brands.


The following ads are examples of possible interactions between brands and Npo’s. They are published as best pratices and do not withdraw any existing partnership.

Speedy with association Prévention Routière

Flunch with Les restos du cœur

GoodMoov effect

The team

Goodmoov ecosystem is structured around a team that warrant good operation and full transparency

Thibault Wacrenier


Legal supervision and brand relations

Eric Frances


Digital strategy and marketing

Guillaume Pouleriguen


Florence Parisot

Npo’s relations manager

Relation with NPo’s and ressource planning

Mathieu Sabbagh

Chief Brand Officer

Denis Allard

Board Member


You can reach us at the following number 01 53 43 53 00